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Looking for a Birthday/Holiday Gift for your PCHS Band Member? Give them a personalized PCHS Band Jacket!! (this is not a fundraiser)

Band Jackets

Go to www.mybandstuff.com

1. Click on Student Login
2. Select Florida for the state
3. Select Port Charlotte as the city
4. Select Port Charlotte high school as banner
5. Click Login

6. Scroll down to see the MEMBER jackets! Red Jackets for Students. Black Jackets for Staff.
Choose your jacket & add it to the cart.
To Personalize put your name and section in the NOTES. Please check spelling!
For example:
Jose lopez (first line)
Trumpet (second line)

7. Checkout & Pay Online! 

The jackets will be available for sale until October 22nd!
Online ordering only! Please DO NOT SEND MONEY TO SCHOOL!