Welcome Band Families!!

Welcome to the award-winning PCHS "THE PRIDE" BAND! By joining this organization, your child will become part of a legendary program made up of students devoted to excellence in music and integrity of character. As a parent, you also have an opportunity to get involved in the program in various roles that help keep the band moving forward. It's important for you and your student to get plugged in to all that's happening. The information below will help you get up and running as you prepare for your first season.

PCHS Band Staff

Jose A. Lopez, Director of Bands
Tom Dubbert, Assistant Director
Tracy Holtrey, Color Guard Coordinator

PCHS Band Boosters Executive Board

(941) 286-3722

Bill Weller, President
Charlie Brown, Director
Marianne Young, Parent Info Officer/Treasurer
Bob & Charlene Mauti, Asst. Treasurers
Judy Riley/Charlene Mauti, Uniforms
Suzanne Hargrove, Secretary
Joe Gaudette

Forms and Registration

Charms Registration: Charms (www.charmsoffice.com) Each student will be given an account in CHARMS, which is an online software that PCHS Band uses to manage and maintain the fundraisers, student accounts, contact information and sign up volunteers. We added a NEW Online store also. Student account statements can be viewed at any time by all band families through CHARMS.If you haven’t received a password, please contact us prideofpcband@gmail.com immediately!

Please be sure add student & parent information, including email addresses when you log in the first time. Emails or text are sent to the addresses listed in Charms only. For more info on how to use Charms, click here

Volunteers: Volunteers are a very important part of a successful band program! Most times we only need ONE HOUR of your time.
(Click Here for the Volunteer Application).
(Click Here for current Volunteer Needs)

Financial-Paying Fees: All band fees may be paid using the Charms account or in person. Any charges for uniform accessories may be paid using the Charms account or the paper order form. You may check the status of your student's account at any time using the Charms website.

It is critical that all payments be made on schedule. The band's ability to meet financial obligations depends on budgeted monthly income.



2016-2017 Band Fee Payment Schedule:

Payments by cash or check are also accepted. Please make checks payable to
PCHS BAND. Use the Payment box provided in the Band room or mail them to

If you are facing financial hardship, please contact Mr. Lopez immediately! Mr. Lopez & the Treasurer will keep this info strictly confidential. To contact Mr. Lopez by email:Jose.Lopez@yourcharlotteschools.net.

Fundraisers: During the next few months, there will be fundraisers to offset your band fee. Students get credit for some of these events toward their band fee. Fundraisers that typically go toward the band fee : Fish Fry (Oct), Fall Candy Sales, Fall Brochure Sale (various) & Spaghetti Dinner (spring). Car Washes, Rummage Sale and Spring Candy Sale do not go towards the band fee. These fundraisers go toward the general fund for the entire band program. Any questions, please send us an email prideofpcband@gmail.com.

Fundraiser ideas are welcome! Send the ideas to prideofpcband@gmail.com!


An award-winning band program is not an inexpensive endeavor! Band fees are determined each year to assist in covering the cost of operating the band and providing everything necessary to train and compete. The PCHS Band only receives approx $900 from the school board! The PCHS Band Boosters subsidize a portion of the cost through fundraising and the rest is billed to each family in the form of band fees. These fees are collected over a period of several months in order to reduce the financial impact.

Each student is provided with a full band uniform. Marching Band students receive a jacket/bib/plume/shako(hat). Wind orchestra students receive a gown or tux jacket/pants. There are accessories that are the student's responsibility and these include gloves, Bando shoes, etc. Charges for accessories may also be paid through the Charms website or paper order form.

What Do I Need To Buy?

Marching Band & Color Guard Students: The travel uniform will be worn at practices, pep rallys football games and competitions. We STRONGLY suggest you purchase at least 2 shirts. This can be helpful as we often have Friday night games and Saturday morning events.

*Items must be purchased from Band -Charms Online store or order form

Marching Band members will need:

Color Guard members will need:

Concert Band Attire

During concert band season, students will need concert attire. Concert band students need to be in concert black ( Click here for examples). Girls: black top w/sleeves and bottoms or black dress (dress code length). Boys should wear a black dress shirt and tie.

Wind Orchestra Attire



Performances and Competitions

The band performs at home football games. Students will be expected two hours before game time and they are required to stay for the entire game and return to the band room as a group where they will change clothes, put away instruments, meet and be dismissed. This can take up to an hour after the game ends. Students play during the games and usually perform during halftime. They MAY have the third quarter of the game "off." Time off is at the discretion of the band director. During "time off" they cannot eat any food while wearing their uniform. Only drinking water is permitted. Please do not make plans to have your student leave early. They go to the stadium as a group and leave as a group.

During competition season (late September through November), we will often have Friday night games and Saturday morning call times for competitions. Purchasing a second shirt can prevent late night laundry emergencies

Concert Performances usually begin in October with the FGCU Joint concert and end in the May with a Spring Concert. Concerts are announced well in advance.

Participation in all performances are important! If your student will not attend a performance, please inform the band director immediately.

Parents are encouraged to attend football games, concerts and competitions as often as possible. The excellence of the PCHS Band program is evident when we're on the road and new parents are often unprepared for the pride they feel watching this band take the field under competition conditions.

Band Banquet

The PCHS Band holds an annual awards banquet in the spring. The purpose of the banquet is to reflect upon the year's accomplishments, to honor those who have realized special achievements and to recognize graduating seniors for their years of service to the band. Varsity letters and/or participation certificates may be awarded at the banquet. The banquet is held off campus.

We strive to make the banquet a special evening for everyone and the format changes slightly from year to year. Cost info: TBA. Interested in helping with the Band Banquet? Let us know!

We look forward to another exciting & award-winning PCHS Band season! GO PIRATE PRIDE!