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January 18, 2018

Good afternoon Band Families! Thank you to all the parents & students who attended the trip meeting & supported the car wash last week. If you missed the trip meeting last week, click here to review the meeting highlights!

Trip forms & deposit are due! You can download the forms from here: Forms . Put forms & money in the payment box! Remainder of band fee is due!

Car Wash - 1/27 - Charlotte State Bank(Peachland location)-9am-2pm. Check out the website calendar each week for updates!

We are still looking for fundraisers for the trip! Let us know if you have any ideas?  Please share Facebook fundraiser post at facebook.com/prideofpc!

The Bingo Hall in Murdock (in plaza with Perkins) will allow the band (adults only) to volunteer as paymaster 2 or 3 days a month. The work will take 2 adults and last about 3 hours per session. The band will receive donations for our efforts. This is an on-going (general fund) fundraiser. If you are interested in volunteering or need more info, please send an email to prideofpcband@gmail.com or text Ms. Marianne at (941)286-3722.

Band Jackets for sale ($65):  First order put in today! You can still order a band jacket Click here to order!

Questions? Charms questions? Concerns? Fundraiser Ideas? Contact Ms. Marianne at prideofpcband@gmail.com or (941)286-3722.

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