Time frame

Committee& Coordinator

Coordinator & Committee to work with coordinator, on Fundraising Projects;
present fundraisers to the boosters and parents; get all necessary approvals; plan and manage volunteers, funding and execution of the fundraising project; includes coordinating spirit nights.

All School Year

Fish Fry

Volunteers are needed to assist set-up, serve, and
clean up during the fall fish fry. this is a big event for the band, and generally students sell an average of 300 tickets. parents are also needed who can contribute baked goods.


Basket Coordinator

With Fundraising Coordinator, Approach businesses and families for donations (gift cards, services, etc.). plan the themes of each basket. facilitate the wrapping of all loose donations into a basket. purchase all necessary basket wrapping supplies, coordinate having bows made, recruit and coordinate wrapping events with volunteers

October for Fish Fry Silent Auction

Spaghetti Dinner Coordinator

With Fundraising Coordinator, provide plan for each ensemble and what they will bring; provide place for kids to bring donations. coordinate with band director on how much. recruit and coordinate the volunteers for the day of spaghetti dinner.

(@late Jan-Feb)

Car Wash 

Schedule car washes regularly; transport signs, car wash supplies and hoses; maintain car wash supply

as needed

Car Wash Volunteers

Assist coordinator with inventory & transport car wash supplies and assisting
hands (where needed) to wash, rinse & dry vehicles with students; set up and clean up; first aid if needed

All School Year

Pit Crew

Assist load, unload, move, setup and take down as needed for football games, competitions and concerts. this involves travel to the band competitions and concerts.

All School Year


Volunteer chaperones are needed for each bus going to competitions

All School Year

Bleacher Crew 
(Tracy G. & Michelle G. Coordinators)

Distribute plumes before halftime and take them up after halftime; Ice the water bottles in cooler; Assist band in the bleachers at football games with whatever is needed (distributing water, holding flags, bathroom breaks, assist with uniforms, etc.) (based on athletic schedule)

Aug. to Nov.(Fridays)

(Costellos, Coordinators)

Assist coordinators prep, take orders, serve, clean up & inventory concession area. (based on athletic schedule)

Aug. to Nov.(Fridays)